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My Story

As a child growing up in Jamaica, W.I. Maureen’s love of fashion started from a very young age; She would accompany her parents to select fabrics for her dresses, and had a say in the styles which were selected by her parents and sewn by Dressmakers. It was apparent to her parents that she had a flair for fashion and a taste level much beyond her years. Maureen has incorporated this innate gift into her wardrobe styling which allows her to bring out the best in her clients, taking into consideration their personality, body type and lifestyle.

Maureen Tepedino owned and operated the very successful, Fashion and Clothing Boutique, Maureen's on Main Street, Santa Monica for 20 years.  As a Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Designer and Color Consultant, Maureen dressed and educated countless women on how to achieve their best look.


Maureen now operates an In-home Women’s Clothing and Accessory Boutique in Marina del Rey, CA, where she carries Fabulous, Current, Affordable Clothing and offers Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Consulting and Accessory Planning.


Maureen's clients love that she carefully selects and recommends colors and styles which best suit them; therefore they look great and eliminate unnecessary pieces in their wardrobes.  Maureen also gives pointers on Hair and Make-up.  Maureen keeps a log of her client's purchases so that she can recommend the proper pieces for them to build on.


Many of Maureen's clients say that 'Shopping at Maureen's is definitely a Fun, Positive Experience,' not to mention the amount of money they save and the compliments they receive!

Maureen on Motivational Chat with Jaime Kalman
Discussing Interior Design, Art, and Fashion

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