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Thanks for helping me refresh my wardrobe and making me look and feel beautiful - can't wait to wear all my new clothes! So excited to have found the perfect outfit for my November event, down to the earrings! I'll see what jewelry I have, but I know you have great pieces if I need anything. So blessed to have such talent right in the neighborhood!

Jessica - Los Angeles

"After you re-did my closet, I save so much time and have less stress as I am able to create great outfits from what you selected for me.  I get compliments constantly and feel a lot more confident.  Thanks again Maureen for making me feel pretty and for being so patient, knowledgeable and kind!"

Andrea - Manhattan Beach


"Maureen, I told you I felt invisible and wished for attention when I would go out.  After you worked your Magic on me, re-did my Wardrobe, my Colors, recommended I change my hair color, hairstyle and makeup,  I can't believe the transformation!  I recently got asked out on a date and can't thank you enough for helping me realize my best assets and to gain my Confidence back.  I look forward to another shopping spree with you in the near future."

Kristen -  Santa Monica


"Thanks Maureen the the great shopping experience at your Home Boutique.  I Hate to Shop and generally feel stressed... somehow you made it fun and showed me how to look and feel good in clothes that's right for me.  I've never had anyone be honest and tell me what works and what doesn't and I really respected times while shopping at your Boutique when you'd say, 'that's not your best look... let's hold off on that one'...
who does that???"



"When we went shopping for my Business Wardrobe and misc. items, you took my Budget into consideration and found me Great Clothing for my body type, the proper colors, and saved me lots of money.  Thanks Maureen, I am actually excited when I think of shopping with you and appreciate your Knowledge, Flair and Style."

Melissa - Pacific Palisades


"Hi Maureen:  Thanks for having me over.  I always meet wonderful women when I come to your Boutique Parties and you make everyone feel special and beautiful.  Just when I needed the fashion help the most, I feel that you were sent to me as I kept buying the wrong things, had no idea about color and couldn’t trust anyone to give me an honest opinion. I am always able to trust you and that makes me enjoy shopping with you.   By the way, I’ve worn all my outfits and get nothing but compliments."

Love, Michelle M


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